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2022-08-05 22:12 Released in 美国 美国


我只是想提取我的钱,但我被各种敷衍,没有实际的解决方案,这样的公司会偷走你的钱,永远不会把它还给你,除非你寻求由fintrack/org策划的专业帮助,只有这样我才能从FVP Trade拿回68,00 美元的投资 我对交易商的谎言和欺骗感到非常不安,这就是为什么我的建议是远离FVP Trade.


The following is the original recommendation

Deceptive platform

I just wanted to withdraw my money but I was taken through series of back and forth with no actual solution in sight, companies like this will take your money and never give it back unless you seek professional assistance that was fintrack/ org orchestrated which was the only way I could get my investment of $68,000 out of FVP Trade I was really upset with the broker's lies and deceit which is why my recommendation is to avoid FVP Trade.