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2022-07-24 13:28 Released in 加拿大 加拿大


我一直在FVP Trade做交易约5 个月了,我无法转账它所说的我个人账户中的任何利润,我提起了一个诈骗案并向fintrack。 org精心策划的财务索赔让步,让我的整个投资组合从经纪人那里转移和归还,该经纪人非常有说服力地通过虚假广告吸引投资者。当您尝试提取资金并简而言之时,警钟开始响起,什么都没有发生,所以显然不要投资这家公司。


The following is the original recommendation

Induced fraud

I have been with FVP Trade for around 5 months and haven't been able to transfer any of the profits it says I have in my personal account I opened a scam case and reported to the authorities fintrack. org The orchestrated financial claim gave in to the transfer and return of my entire investment portfolio from a broker that is very convincing to lure investors in through bogus advertising. Alarm bells start ringing when you try to withdraw funds and to cut the story short, nothing happens so obviously do not invest in this company.