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2022-07-10 12:30 Released in 美国 美国


当我意识到自己有多愚蠢时,我想关闭TR外汇的账户,但这个“设施”没有用。在将我所有的资金都输给了这家公司之后,我仍然几乎每小时都会收到他们的警告电子邮件,但我所做的报告看到我的投资得到了回报。客户经理”变得非常不愉快,并进行了几次“一键式操纵” TR外汇广告软件会完全破坏帐户。


The following is the original recommendation

Please don't be fooled

As soon as I realised how foolish I had been, I tried to close the account but this ‘facility’ did not work I had the case reported to the Action Fraud and fintrack/ org because after losing all my capital to this company, I was still receiving warning emails almost every hour from them but the report I made saw my investment returned. The Account Manager’ became quite unpleasant and made several ‘one-click maneuvers manipulating the trading software which would have completely sabotaged the account.