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2022-06-22 15:00 Released in 香港 香港


目前,在网站上显示60%的亏损。谁会从中获利?它会是这些交易的对应物吗?您的执行政策规定您作为每个客户交易的对应方。在此基础上, 4xHub从 60% 的损失中获得经济收益。我会说客户损失构成了收入的最重要部分,而不是您对大部分收入来自点差的解释。如果他们知道的话,有多少客户会自己开户 4xHub在他们控制的平台上直接从客户损失中获利。我会说不多。看到所有这些伎俩和赔钱,我写了一个彻底的投诉并通过traceasset(提出了争议,结果是好的,他们被要求承认我的出金。至于关于受到监管的官方声明,安然也受到监管,看看结果如何。


The following is the original recommendation


At present on your website it states that 60% of clients loose money. Who profits from this? Would it be the counterpart to these transactions? Your execution policy states that you act as counterpart to every client trade. On that basis , 4xhub financially gained from the 60% losses. I would say client losses make up the most significant part of revenue as opposed to your interpretation that the majority of revenue is derived from spreads. How many clients would have opened an account with yourselves if they had known that 4xhub profit directly from client losses on a platform they control. I would say not many. Having seen all these tricks and losing money, I composed a thorough complaint and opened a dispute through Traceasset(, The outcome was in my favor and they were mandated to acknowledge my withdrawal. As for the robotic statement about being regulated, Enron was regulated too and look at how that worked out.